Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Zoo.

Another place we weren't allowed to go. Sigh.

Mom took dad for his birthday, and they had a great time! They took loads of photos of the animals and showed them to us, so they are forgiven.

Since everything is ALWAYS all about *US*, mom made the following two comparison photos!
Oscar having a sleep off with a real life Snow Leopard! I think the Snow Leopard may have him beat... He looks pretty cozy on that rock.

The tiger looks so happy in this picture to see my mom!! I don't blame him, she is really nice and loves all cats. I'm obviously moody in this picture. I don't remember what my problem was. Probably jealous of all the cat pictures they took. What? are we not good enough anymore?


  1. Now why would your humans want to go somewhere to see animals when they can stay home and see you??

  2. Since "everything is always all about" you two, how about an enclosed kitty stroller so you two can go to the zoo, too :)

  3. Ya know, there is kind of an resemblence---but I do think you Mom does loves you best! :)


  4. I think there could be a modelling career ahead . If you wanted...