Thursday, September 27, 2012

Happy Birthday To Our Dad!

Dad's birthday is tomorrow, but we are going to be so busy celebrating that we don't know if we'll have time to blog!

It goes without saying, our dad is the absolute best cat dad we've ever met! He takes such good care of us! He takes us to the vet, he plays with us, he feeds us, he scoops our litter, he let's us get away with murder, and he NEVER stays mad at us long no matter how bad we are!

We get so excited every morning for him to wake up, and we love laying between his legs at night. We are so happy & lucky to be his "little buddies"!!!

Even though we are difficult sometimes, we hope our dad knows just how much we love and appreciate him.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD! We love you so much! Thank you for being the best ever.
We are highly considering letting you sleep in a little later than usual tomorrow as your gift... But we haven't decided yet. If we don't, it's because we are really excited to see you for your big day!

Mom helped us make this for dad. We have other good pics of us cuddling, but we didn't want to show his very handsome face. Mom was scared someone may try to steal him from her... Afterall; he is the most handsome & wonderful man in the world :)

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Just Like Dad...

You can't see it, but dad is laying on the couch next to mine, in the same exact position. Copy cat!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Box Head.

I. Love. Boxes.

I don't care what types of toys M&D buy me. I love nothing more than a used box.

I particularly love putting my head inside of boxes, and running around my apt with my head still lodged inside while bumping into things! The smaller the hole, the better. Soda can boxes are fun, but I also love small tissue boxes.

I run around with my head in the box, I sit with my head in the box, I walk around with my head in the box. I can't explain it... I just feel so good when I wiggle my head into a small open space in a box, and am totally surrounded by darkness and the scent of cardboard. Anyone else????

Here I am wearing a box from Arizona Iced Tea. This is actually going to be very big for fall*.

Just calmly laying down with my headdress...

Sitting, moving my head/box around and loving life.

** This is Karl's mom. Please don't listen to Karl. Boxes aren't in for fall. He's just trying to convince himself of that. Peplums, the color burgundy, and brocade patterns however, are very big. Give those a try before lodging your head into a box.


Thursday, September 20, 2012

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Vacation. Karl's Perspective...

I tried to write this last night after Oscar wrote his. But, I got so tired from partying on vacation, I couldn't keep my head up another second.
Our experiences were totally different, and very unexpected. M&D expected ME to be the nervous one, who didn't quickly adapt. But they were wrong! I was so EXCITED to be on vacation and to explore a new house! I met my great grandma for the first time, and there were all sorts of things for me to touch, and knock over, and new places for me to lodge myself into. My GGMA thinks we should be in commercials!

This is actually the second time in my life (first was when I lived with my breeder) that I ever saw the suburbs! We are city cats. It was really weird to see grass, and houses so close together. But I was really intrigued.
So, Oscar mentioned in his post a little bit of trouble I got myself into... I scared M&D to almost near death. First. I have to say they cat proofed the heck out of the bathroom we were in. They left no stone unturned. So imagine their surprise when they came to check in on us, and I was nowhere to be found. Mom was scared I snuck out, and dad was just about to start blaming her when.... they heard a muffled meow! It was obviously me, but where was I? Mom thought I was stuck behind a wall. But, dad found me! I somehow opened an empty drawer, jumped into it, and it closed behind me!!!!!!! Everyone was SO scared and upset. Mom filled the drawer up with towels to prevent me from getting stuck, but then Oscar made a bed out of it. So they just took the drawer off of it's track, and of course I slept in the hole.

Oscar & I exploring... Oscar is soooo tall!

Mom loves this pic. She thinks it looks haunted. So don't be surprised if you see it again around Halloween!

So all in all, I really enjoyed vacation! I hope for our next vacation M&D will take us somewhere tropical. I have visions of myself laying on the deck of a private over the water bungalow in Tahiti...
I'm ready for another vacation! I've been sitting in my carrier in hopes we'll be traveling again. Bora Bora here we come!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Vacation. Oscar's Perspective.

Vacation was ... interesting to say the least. Karl & I felt totally differently about it, so we decided to each write our own blogs. Not sure when Karl will get around to his, because he's catching up on TV he missed while being away, but here is mine!

At first, when I found out we were going on vacation I was really excited. I immediately got in the carrier, and waited to be whisked away. See? Don't we look ready?
Sorry this photo is dark. Dad isn't as good at taking pics as mom.

Dad strapped us into the back seat, and off we went! I quickly learned that while traveling, I prefer quiet. Everytime dad got on the phone or talked to us, I meowed at him. Karl on the other hand was so quiet in the car, dad pulled off at a rest stop to make sure he was OK.

Safety First! Cat's need seat belts too!
After an hour long drive, we got to our great grandma's house. Mom was already there and we were excited to see her! We were whisked upstairs to our room, which mom had already set up for us. But, we were nervous. We've never been away from home before. Karl stayed in his carrier, and I hesitantly came out.
"Where am I?"
At this point, I'm really nervous. Which is really unlike me because I'm usually so social! I got so nervous, that I stuffed myself into Karl's carrier with him. 
Karl. I KNOW there isn't really room for us in here. But I am SCARED. So deal with it.

After a while though, I came around... I wasn't my ususal happy self, but I was content. Later on, Karl did something crazy (I'll let him tell you about it). It resulted in M&D having to stuff a drawer full of blankets, which of course made the PERFECT place to nap!
Could I be ANY cuter? I was laying long ways in there! As dad pulled me out, he said it felt like I was never ending! Nobody can figure out how I got into that position in the first place.
All in all, I was OK with being on vacation. I didn't enjoy it nearly as much as Karl. Oh. and to top it all off, M&D only bought themselves tickets for Madonna! Can you believe they excluded us? We were excited to go! We thought that was the whole reason for us going on vacation. Oh well. At least they took us and didn't leave us home! But, we think Madonna would have really loved us.
Here I am, finally coming around. I really liked this table. And of course, we both loved the rug. Check out Karl photobombing the regal photo I was trying to take.

Friday, September 14, 2012


Finally! Mom & Dad took us on vacation with them. We are spending the weekend at our great grandma's house and we have tickets to go see Madonna! We can't wait to see her in concert. We hope she pets us... And we better have good seats.

We'll post photos & details from our vacay when we get home. We were just so excited we couldn't hold in our news another minute!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Spa Day.

Oh. Not for us, for our dad. We don't deserve one by any means. We've been embarrassingly delinquent on our blog. Frankly, we're ashamed of ourselves. In our defense, New York Fashion week has rolled around again, and we have been distracted. The weeks before that was a combination of writer's block and pure laziness. It's tough to concentrate on writing when there is a window with the warm sun beating in on us...
Back to the spa. As we may have mentioned, we adore sitting in the bathroom with M&D while they shower. Oscar hangs on the counter, and I perch myself high up on the shower doors. It's almost like I'm tightrope walking. But, there is something special I do for dad, that I never do for mom. I clean his hair after he's showered! Yes, you heard me correctly. Dad simply doesn't clean his hair as good as I can. So, when the water is off, and dad is drying off I keep my back legs on the shower door and put my front legs on his head and start licking away at his hair. Sometimes, when he isn't in a rush he let's me keep doing it, because I get upset when he doesn't. I'll stalk out of the bathroom grumbling. I mean, I don't want my dad to have dirty hair. It's really embarrassing, considering how luscious and clean my coat is.

Mom captured a few photos. But don't worry... It's just me and the very top of my dad's head. He would have killed mom & I if we took, then posted photos of his nude body. We are totally PG in this household.

Assuming Position...

I just started and already his hair is much cleaner!

Your hair is getting long dad. Maybe you need a haircut?