Saturday, March 31, 2012


I felt like feeling luxurious today. So, I decided to lay by mom's Chanel boxes. We love Chanel in this household. I behaved myself around them, so I'm hoping she'll let me hang out in her beloved shoe closet next. There are a pair of shoes in there with silk petals on them that I am DYING to chew on...

Thursday, March 29, 2012


We really hate when the cleaning people come to clean our apartment. They are loud, and they run all throughout our apartment vacuuming, spraying things, and touching our stuff.

So... we decided to try to help M&D out with the cleaning in hopes they won't call them back again.

First, we went crazy making a mess in the apt (why not? we're the ones cleaning it up anyways...)

Not only did we fling our scratching post halfway across the room, we made sure to knock out the cardboard piece so it would get particles everywhere. Afterall... we are proving to M&D we can clean up any mess w/o the help of cleaning people.

Just leave your plate there mom. I'll get it when I'm done with my breakfast.

As soon as I help Karl get unstuck from this fun box he's lodged in, we'll take this out to the garbage room.

Mom? Did you seriously just put a piece of paper on the counter I JUST finished cleaning?

Kitchen Counter looks good to me, M&D... What do you think of my clean up job?

All is good with the sink! It's spotless!

Phew!!!! We are so tired, we couldn't even get around to making the bed! Maybe the noisy cleaning people aren't so bad afterall.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


This is my favorite place to sleep.
It's a breakfast tray that mom & dad put on the floor (with intentions of putting it away). But then, a pillow fell in it and I made this my favorite place to sleep and relax!

I love my tray SO much.

Everynight this is where I sleep while mom & dad watch TV. I also like to come in here when nobody is in the bedroom just to relax. I'll go through great lengths to get to my tray. Like, opening a closed door that isn't locked. And, if M&D lock me out of the bedroom where my tray is, I'll be really bad until they let me back in. When they go out for long periods of time, they make sure to bring my tray out to the living room, since I'm not really allowed in the bedroom unattended (I'll save that story for another day).

I mean... look how cozy it is?

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Hi Aunt Linda!

Look where I am laying! I loved this toy from you to absolute death! Don't I look so handsome laying on top of it like this? Oscar & I put so many holes of our own in it, that it wouldn't stand up anymore, so I made it a bed.

We miss you!

Nice Day.

It's really nice out today, and as a result we have limited time to blog.

We decided to take a break from pigeon watching to let everyone know that for the next day or two, we won't have any time to spare on our blog between eating, sleeping, and bird watching.
But, we saw that we got some new followers, and we wanted to say hello! and thanks for following us!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


In case you didn't know, "WERK!" is a term used a lot in the fashion world to encourage models to give amazing poses to the photographer, or when they are strutting down the runway.
Here I am really giving it to the camera. Today, mom's iPhone. Tomorrow, Mario Testino's famed lens.

Oh hey mom. You want to play photoshoot?

Going to play hard to get for a sec, and not make eye contact.


Hit me on my good side...

This side is good too.

Sexy Pose. But now, the diva is done. I'm going to go back to kneading dad.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Karl & I are SO excited! It's SPRING! The weather here has been so nice, and we have both been doing everything we can to catch some sun rays. We are city cats, and aren't allowed outside. Attempts at harness training us has failed, so the next best thing is Mom & Dad lifting the heavy blinds higher for us so we can look out of the window more easily. Then, they put some sort of plastic thing for us to sit & lay on so we can see up even higher (we have the BEST M&D!).

We spend a lot of time here during the day. Sometimes, we see pigeons and we get SO excited when we do! Mom has tirelessly been trying to convince dad to put up a bird feeder on our balcony for us, so we can see pigeons all day. But he says he doesn't want poop all over the balcony. We don't really get that, because he doesn't seem to mind cleaning up our poop all day, and we poop indoors! Plus, we are moving soon to another even bigger city, so who cares about our old balcony? BRING ON THE BIRDS!

After a tiring day of fetching, eating, and going to the bathroom, it's nice to be able to bird watch while laying down.

See me looking to my right? When we look to the right, we can see the new Freedom Tower being built in NYC! We've been monitoring the progress, and can't believe how fast it is going up! Once it's up, Vogue's offices will be there. Then, we'll need to step up our fashion game in case Anna Wintour can see us.

PLEASE DAD? Please can we have a bird feeder? We're tired of looking at strollers and people sitting on their balconies.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Mr. Fix It.

A few months back, dad decided to "fix" the closet door that had "mysteriously" broken. His fix, was to put the ottoman in front of it to hide the hole so neither Oscar or I could crawl into it and climb his shirts & destroy them (an old favorite pastime of mine...).

Of course, I was instantly intrigued by the hole and couldn't WAIT to get into a spot nobody wanted me to be in. So I became relentless. Digging at the ottoman, yelling at it, standing on it, anything really. Eventually I figured out I could move it if I hurled my 14lb body up against it enough. I got it moved just enough for me to squeak in there. Victory!!

Can you see me in there? I was trying to hide... But Oscar had to stand there like that and give it away. I HAD SHIRTS TO CLIMB!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Sorry Mom...

Sorry for knocking down your coat rack that has too many coats on it in the first place. I'm also sorry for scaring everyone (especially Karl).

Next time though, instead of taking my picture I would appreciate it if you picked it up quicker. It was on my bedroom scratching post afterall...

Normally, this is something Karl would have done. But, I was in the mood to be mischiveous!

Admiring my work...

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The 5 Stages of a Bengal Cat Blogger...

Blogging for us can sometimes be a bit of a predicament. We struggle for ideas and wonder if what we are saying is going to be clever, and if we have good pictures to show. Another hard part is getting mom to help us. Sometimes she is tired, or just wants to read Vogue. Here is an inside look of what it's like in our home when we are ready to blog.
MOM! Can you help me? I'm in the mood to blog. 

Hmm... What do I want to say? Any ideas mom & dad?

MOM! Seriously? Put down that magazine and come help me. I have no thumbs so it's hard to type as fast as you do.

Fine. I'll try to figure it out myself.

Oh. Now you're ready to help me? Well, too bad I already finished and now I'm ready for a nap.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Who needs a bed or couch when we can create our own comfortable areas to lounge in?

We could have laid together on the couch like I was happily doing in the first photo while watching Fashion Police on E!, but instead, Oscar convinced me that it was a better idea for us to throw a pillow and blanket on the ground to lay on.

I just wish M&D would adjust the television to accomodate this new move. It's hard for me to see best/worst outfits from this angle...

One day, I'll do a post on all my favorite places to lay that I've developed myself. M&D buy us all sorts of beds, and nice things to lay on. But I refuse them all. If I can't create my own spot, I won't be bothered with it.

Look at my face. I'm obviously appalled by some of the outfits I'm seeing on Fashion Police. Some of these actresses really need a better stylist!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday Oscar!!

Today is my first birthday! To mark the celebration, here is a montage of some pictures of me growing up!!!!
Me hours after I was born! That isn't a shadow next to me, that's my biological brother.

Me again as a tiny baby showing off my spots/stripes

Isn't my face starting to get so handsome?

M&D Love this pic my breeder took of me. Don't my eyes look beautiful?

Mom tried taking an artistic shot of me. Here I am on my blanket, in her lap in the car on my way to my new home!

Karl & my first meal together where I didn't need to be in my carrier. We loved each other really early on. This happened within days of meeting!

My first climb!

Me today. Aren't I dapper?

Me eating my birthday meal, and making a wish for my first year! M&D bought me my favorite! Deli Turkey! Yum!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Cats Are The New Chic.

Gone are the days of "cat people" being unfairly targeted as un-chic. Even Karl Lagerfeld & Carine Roitfeld agree. And when it comes down to it... we really only care about his opinion anyway. Karl Lagerfeld is the authority on all things chic. And ... it doesn't ever get any chicer then Chanel.
Fall 2011. Yes. We are a bit late to the game. WE KNOW we're on Fall 2012 now. BUT, we needed to prove a point.