Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Touching my tongue to my nose...

Aren't I adorable? I'm practicing my party tricks for Oscar's big First birthday party on Friday!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Sorry We're Not Sorry....

It's been a while since we blogged. We know. First, M&D abandoned us for a long weekend to take a trip to Florida that we thought we were going on too. Then, we had New York Fashion Week. Plus. we really only blog for ourselves, M&D, and our uncle (though, we wouldn't hate the idea of "fans"). And, they all knew what we were up to. So, that's our excuse...

Anyway. Since the drama earlier this month, I'm happy to report that Oscar no longer hates me. We are back to being not only brothers, but great friends. Oscar is even back to cuddling with me, even though I don't love it. I let him because he is scary when he hisses....

I've been doing a lot better at overcoming my shyness. We had a girl come to our apt. to take care of us while M&D were in Fl. I let her pet me! That's a big deal for me. Not that we were angels during this trip... In 4 short days we managed to break an expensive wine glass that was stuck down to the counter (nobody can figure out how it happened) track white paw prints everywhere (nobody knows what the white is), and warp the hardwood floors by spilling water all over it. M&D are OK with it though, because in the end - we didn't eat any glass and we survived our first stint with our catsitter. And, we didn't hate them when they came back.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Unnecessary Drama.

This past week was really hard for me. Not only did I have to go to the vets to get shots, I was uncharacteristically scared when I was there. Everyone looks forward to me coming, and I ignored everyone by doing the following:

Barricading myself into my carrier. I'm in there! I pushed my blanket up against the door and burrowed under it.

Hiding under this bench. See me?
I also tried to climb up my mom's coat sleeve, and after I knew there was no escape from the exam table, I just clung to her and hid my head in her arms.

My bad week didn't end there, it got worse. I couldn't wait to get home to see my brother. I wanted to tell him all about the vet. But, I smelled different and he forgot who I was! He hissed at me, and attacked me and scratched my head!! I was so sad. I thought he stopped loving me. Mom had to separate us, and even if he smelled my scent on her clothes he would hiss (at mom!!).

I was so upset. But, I was such a good boy, and didn't hiss at him at all, or even try to fight with him. I kept trying to lick him & blinked slowly at him. But, still he hissed and growled at me. Dad even stayed home with us the next day to try to help us get along! After a few days, everything was better. I'm so happy to have my brother back again!

But if he ever pulls that crap with me again... he'll be sorry.