Thursday, January 26, 2012


M&D had a large canvas made of this print and it hangs in our apartment! We feel a little embarassed by it, but it's nice that they are so proud of us.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

No Match.

We usually don't post twice in one day, but I wanted to rain on Karl's parade. He likes to tackle me when I'm not looking, and he's stronger. So this is my way of getting back at him.

His cuddles are lame compared to mine. I love to cuddle, especially with my dad. I sleep with him at night, and I even lay like a person! Here are some photos of us, but with dad's face removed because he might get upset with me for sharing them. He's really handsome though!

Mid afternoon nap! He isn't laying on me. I'm under the blanket. I love putting my head on the pillow next to dad's head!

I stayed like this for so long! I think my dad loved it more than I did. Mom was so jealous. I go over and head butt her so she knows I love her.

This was me, just last night! Don't I look cozy? I slept for a while like this. My eyes are open in this picture, but that's because mom disturbed me when she went to take my picture.
 Aren't I adorable? NO wonder Karl has been more lovey to mom lately. He probably feels sorry for her, and he is trying to out do me. Won't. Ever. Happen.

Rare Moment.

Here I am, snuggling with my mom. I don't do that much if other people are around, or Oscar is awake. I like to act like I'm too tough. But, after kneading her arm for 10 minutes & purring, I curled up right next to her. It made her very happy.

I imagine she won't be happy later, when I go out of my way to do something destructive to make for how sweet I was yesterday. I have a reputation to uphold you know.

Look how annoyed I look that she is catching me on film being so loving.

Sunday, January 22, 2012


Well, it seems I may have let myself go a bit...

After having a rough start in my life with not being able to eat, perhaps I've indulged a bit too much?
My mom says that maybe she should have named me "Kim". Check out my big butt!

Also, notice I'm in Karl's favorite forbidden place! We'll do a whole post on that another time, mom took tons of pictures of us both hanging out where M&D don't want us to be.

Back to my butt. I personally think it's probably the angle in which the picture was taken. But... the truth is, I am getting a bit pudgy. M&D can't bear to put me on a diet, because they are happy that I am eating and healthy. What does everyone else think?

Thursday, January 12, 2012


Like a pair of Ugg boots, I think I've been overexposed.

When I was first adopted, mom just got her first Iphone, and I was M&D's first pet. Therefore, at LEAST 500 photos were taken of me. Mom has 998 pics in her phone, and 990 of them are of Oscar and/or I.

Not that *I* tire much of looking at myself... I mean have you seen my spots? I am concerned that the people mom constantly shows my photos to are sick of me. I'm hoping that they don't read this blog, because I plan on inundating it with as many photos of me and my brother as possible.

Here are a few of my favorite photos along the way...

Practicing for my pose for when M&D get me a membership for the Soho house. This is how I'll lay by the pool....
This is me being sexy. I dare you to try to look that good on a leather couch.

"Innocent Karl" It wasn't me that chewed several iPhone chargers....

Showing how nosey I can be in case I'm ever asked to take part in a spy movie, or spy themed photoshoot

Another example.... Annie Leibovitz... are you taking note? I'd be perfect for a dark & dramatic fashion campaign. Tom Ford perhaps?

Multi tasking. Showing off my spots, while hanging out in a basket, and looking annoyed. All. At. The. Same. Time.
There will be so many more to come, soon enough. For now, I have to go get my beauty rest.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I LOVE laying all over mom & dad's stuff. Especially their pillows. Check me out! Don't I look like I'm smiling?


Friday, January 6, 2012

Hoping For...

A relaxing weekend without anyone licking my ears & head whenever I try to sleep. Luckily, mom & dad don't lick me at all, so I just have to manage to hide from Oscar during my naps. Which is really hard to do.
- Karl

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Sorry Dad...

I'm sorry for scratching you in the eye, dad. It was an accident. I hope it feels better and you aren't mad at me. I love you.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


This photo was taken about a month after I came to live in my new home. I forced Karl to love me, and we bonded right away. This is one of our mom & dad's favorite pictures of us! Notice how annoyed Karl is that he got "caught" loving me so quickly.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Current Status: BORED

When I'm bored, I get destructive. I encourage my brother Oscar who is usually good, to be bad as well.

Usually, when people are bored, they lay around and eat. Not me. I run around like a lunatic and wreak havoc all over our house by screaming, and knocking things over!! I tend to get "bored" only when mom or dad is busy and can't play and I don't feel like sleeping.

Here is is a photo of me in everyones least favorite place for me to go! When I jump up there, all the glass rattles and I always get yelled at. But, I do it anyway. It's my favorite place! Don't I look content and proud of myself, even though everyone else is upset with me?

I keep telling mom and dad that I wouldn't have these boredom issues if we lived in Manhattan. In fact, I'd probably be at the Crosby Hotel right now having a Bloody Mary. But, alas... I won't be going there anytime soon. So, I will simply have to make do by jumping where I don't belong & screaming.