Saturday, October 27, 2012

Storm Prep.

According to mom, a hurricane is headed our way. Mom is not pleased, because it is going to impact many plans and appointments she has next week. We, however are THRILLED! This means, M&D are locked in the apartment with us for possibly days! We have so many ideas of ways we can all entertain one another! Fetch, sleep, laser light, more naps, eating, sleeping, treats, watch the storm from the window, sleep some more.... It will be great!

In an effort to help prepare for the storm, we are helping out by doing the laundry. I mean, we kind of feel obligated to, since Oscar's hair is all over everyone's clothes.

Oscar preps the dirty clothes. He sheds a lot, so nobody wants him laying on freshly washed clothes.

I fold. Because I barely shed. Also notice this perfect combination... a laundry basket, laying on top of a box! It's like I'm in heaven! Not to mention, this box is from Saks, and I'm a bit of a label cat.

The only thing making us sad about the storm, is all the cats out there that don't have homes or a safe place to be. We hope that they are OK and find someplace safe to hide until this is all over. Mom is seriously considering hiding open cans of cat food throughout our parking garage to lure them there, where they can hopefully wait out the storm. I wonder if they would smell the food from a few floors up?


  1. Dad doesn't want mom putting cans all over the parking garage. He said it will bring rats. He is probably right, and mom feels really useless. :(

  2. We hope you all stay safe from the Frankenstorm!! We worry about the kitties that don't have safe places to go. We purr that they will be okay.

  3. We feel for all the aminals out in bad weather, too. It makes us really sad...

  4. Thank you! We will stay safe.

    But we are still really sad about all the other cats :( Mom wants to take them all into our apt! But, we can't 😿