Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays Everyone!!

We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, we did!!!!

Our mom & dad bought us wonderful gifts! And we gave them gifts that they loved too!

On Christmas eve, we all watched a Christmas movie together, and then I woke everyone up really early on Christmas day (and every other day) so that M&D could give us presents. They bought us a few cat toys, and we also got special treats! Cool Whip for me, and Deli turkey & ham for Oscar! Yum! We also got wonderful toys from our grandparents, and great grandma!

Merry Christmas! I know that I probably look like I was a good boy and let M&D put this ensemble on me. But, dad just placed this hat on my head, and mom got the picture at the perfect time! See outtakes below!

Oscar LOVING his new toy from his Great Grandma! He would stick his face in this little well to steady it, then try to pull the ball out! That's why I won to get to write the holiday blog... because he's too busy with his head in his toy.

Guarding the gifts mom bought for dad from him. She didn't want dad snooping. Mom's gifts for dad are wrapped in the bows, and for our wrapping, we just decided to write all over the box with marker.

Oscar's turn to guard the gifts. But, he chewed on the bows and then mom got upset.

Thanks for our gifts everyone! We loved them, and even more than the toys we LOVED the wrapping and bags they came in!
In addition to the holidays, it's been ONE WHOLE YEAR that we've had this blog!!! We never thought we would keep up with it as much as we have. Even though we've had some writers block over the past few months, and mom gets lazy on us, we've still done an OK job!
Thanks everyone for reading, and staying with us! We hope we have some good posts to share in 2013!