Sunday, October 28, 2012

Storm Prep Part 2.

So this was exciting...
Dad had to bring in everything off of our balcony. We don't know why we even have stuff on our balcony. M&D never go out there because they don't trust we won't run out and try to do acrobatics from 12 stories high.

So anyway, dad went and got a big piece of cardboard to put the heavy furniture on, and we immediately played on it!! We didn't know cardboard came in rug form, it's wonderful!

WOW M&D!!!! This is amazing, THANK YOU! You'll notice we got so excited we immediately put a hole in the box. Dad tried covering it with duct tape, but it didn't take us long to rip that up and bat it around.
Karl getting rid of that nuisance tape so we could continue to work on the hole and make it bigger.

Fun & comfortable!

So after that, dad brought in the heavy table & chairs that live on the balcony. Talk about fun! We were drawn directly to them. They were dirty, so mom made dad cover them with his ugly towels that he had when he was still a bachelor. Mom hates them, but was happy that they resurfaced for this particular occassion.

Check us out!!!! We can make a sleeping spot out of anything. Our new favorite place to be. If M&D would just move our food and litter to this cardboard box island, we wouldn't even leave it.

We are ready for the storm. But still worried about stray cats. We think we can fit a few extra cats on our cardboard island...


  1. You two are having way too much fun with this storm prep! ;) We hope you all stay safe!!

  2. Sweethearts, thank you for visiting me. I hope we will become and stay furriends. I will be thinking of you and my other kittie furriends in the impacted area. If you can, keep us informed as to how you and your pawrents are. xox

  3. We're worried about the humans and critters along the coast, too, sweeties.

    Kitties love anything new! It's nice you finally get to meet the balcony furniture :)

  4. Thank you everyone for your concern and well wishes! We are all fine here. We will keep everyone posted!