Thursday, September 27, 2012

Happy Birthday To Our Dad!

Dad's birthday is tomorrow, but we are going to be so busy celebrating that we don't know if we'll have time to blog!

It goes without saying, our dad is the absolute best cat dad we've ever met! He takes such good care of us! He takes us to the vet, he plays with us, he feeds us, he scoops our litter, he let's us get away with murder, and he NEVER stays mad at us long no matter how bad we are!

We get so excited every morning for him to wake up, and we love laying between his legs at night. We are so happy & lucky to be his "little buddies"!!!

Even though we are difficult sometimes, we hope our dad knows just how much we love and appreciate him.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD! We love you so much! Thank you for being the best ever.
We are highly considering letting you sleep in a little later than usual tomorrow as your gift... But we haven't decided yet. If we don't, it's because we are really excited to see you for your big day!

Mom helped us make this for dad. We have other good pics of us cuddling, but we didn't want to show his very handsome face. Mom was scared someone may try to steal him from her... Afterall; he is the most handsome & wonderful man in the world :)


  1. Happy Birthday to your dad. We hope he has a great day!!

    1. Thanks! He is having a great day! We let him sleep in.

  2. We hopes yer daddy haf a wonderful birfday! Do ya get treats on hiz birfday :)

    1. Thank you!! And yes! We get treats all the time :)