Sunday, August 19, 2012


Karl & I when I was still a little baby.

We could never both fit on there together anymore.

Guilt Trips...

As most of my cat friends already know, our witching hour is in the middle of the night. Pretty much every one of my evenings play out like this:

- Family time with M&D. Oscar & I lay on the bed with mom & dad and watch TV.

- Dad, Oscar & I fall asleep at a reasonable hour. Mom is a night owl and has no bed time.

- Anywhere from 12:30-4:30 everyone is in constant danger of me waking up. Once awake, I scream really loud in the bedroom while jumping on top of furniture or hiding behind it where I can't be reached. Mom scrambles to find me before I wake dad. It's a REALLY fun game!!

- Mom locks me out of the bedroom & I go about my business. Oscar gets to stay because he behaves better, and has no interest in hopping off the bed.

- This is where the guilt comes in. After I'm thrown out, and mom comes out of the bedroom later for a drink, etc I start being the sweetest boy in the world!!!

I weave in and out of her legs until she sits with me. Then I head butt her and purr, lick her hands, and a knead her. At that point, she feels so guilty about kicking me out, she gives me another chance!!! Which I ruin in 5 mins by being bad as soon I come into the bedroom. Then dad gets upset with both of us....

We go through this almost every night.

And if mom doesn't bring me in, she feels really bad for me all alone in the apt while everyone else is in the bed. So, she'll come out and visit me and pet me a few times throughout the night. And if I'm lucky, she'll blog with me!

Here is a collage of me sleeping! M&D say it's the only time I'm a good boy.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Gross & Funny.

Sorry, we have no picture to go with this post. But, we had to tell a story from dinner tonight! M&D felt like being bad so they got fast food.

So we had already had our dinner and we felt like pestering them. Mom gave me a small piece of her hamburger, and I sniffed it and didn't even want to lick it! I looked at it like I was appalled and just walked away from it.

Then, dad gave Karl a small piece of his burger and Karl tried to cover it, like it was poop! He scratched the counter and when he realized it wasn't being covered, he started covering it with the mail on the counter! Gross!

M&D lost their appetites after our reaction and probably won't be eating fast food again for a really long time. See? We are helping to keep them healthy & skinny. You're welcome M&D!!!

Our picture below has nothing to do with tonight... But, mom thinks its a cute pic.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Just Like Mom...

M&D always say Oscar's personality is like Dad (calm, patient, sweet) and my personality is like Mom (tempermental, stubborn, and affectionate only when nobody is looking).

Mom loves shoes and fashion (not more than us) and I share the same sentiment.

Recently, I've been insisting on sitting within a pile of mom's shoe boxes. I just like to be around them. She doesn't like when I do it, because I almost always knock all the boxes over like bowling pins. But, too bad. We're stubborn, so she should understand when I do it even though I know she doesn't like it. I don't chew on the boxes, so she should be happy about that.

She snapped this photo of me. Don't I look chic & glamorous amongst the boxes? I'm just wondering when dad will buy her a new box to add to *our* collection... It's been a while...

Monday, August 6, 2012

That's MY Spot!

If you know me, then you know my favorite place to sleep at night is right between my dad's legs. It's just where I prefer to be. Karl on the other hand, sleeps in various places around the bed, including (only when I allow him) between dad's legs. The other night, I just wanted to lay in my spot and Karl was in it! So I decided to teach him. I went and laid directly on top of him! M&D thought it was so funny & cute! Karl, not so much. But, too bad.


Karl is so tired, he hasn't even realized yet that I'm laying across him.

I mean... I guess this is kind of comfortable.

Mom! Don't just stand there taking pictures. Get Oscar off of me. This is ridiculous!