Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Friendly Fire.

Karl and I play a lot and HARD.
Even though I'm bigger than Karl, he usually wins when we wrestle. I constantly antagonize him though... I'll smack him in the head, bite his neck. Anything I can do to fire him up. Then he bites me, tackles me and pins me to the ground and I squeal! M&D yell at Karl when they think he is being too tough & aggressive and I've had enough. But as soon as he stops, I antagonize him again! I wish M&D would butt out!

Here are some shots of us in action. On the bed where mom was trying to relax.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sneak Attack for Cuddles.

Sometimes, it's really hard being the "cuddly cat". Karl usually doesn't like cuddling unless I force him, or he is alone with mom and is sure nobody will catch him loving on her. So, I usually have to take matters into my own paws. I've been trying out something new lately. Once Karl is sleeping, I've been inserting myself into his personal space and curling up with him! And cuddling!!

Mom & Dad love it. They think it's so cute! Karl... not so much. Usually, he'll pop his head up to see what's going on. He doesn't really leave though - because he's half asleep, and truthfully - defeated. When I want to cuddle, I can be pretty relentless.

Here are a few of my best sneak attack cuddle moments!

Back to Back!

Mom & Dad were worried I wouldn't be able to breathe since my face was buried in Karl's belly. But, I was fine.

Karl really gave in here. It looks like I'm lovingly draping my paw on his neck. But the truth is, I was forcefully holding him down to cuddle longer.

I love this picture. I'm cuddling and trying to bathe Karl and he looks infuriated and totally fed up with me. But really, if I don't clean the areas where he can't reach - who else will lick them????? YOU'RE WELCOME KARL!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day, Dad!!!!

We just wanted to take a moment out of our busy schedules to wish our dad a Happy Father's Day!

He is really the best dad in the whole world, and we are so lucky to have him. He takes the best care of us, and plays the best games with us. We love him SO much!

Here are two of our favorite dad moments (there are so many!) ... Both were taken when we were home for just a week or so! It just shows how instantly we feel in love with our dad.


This isn't the best quality picture, but I'm not the cuddliest cat, that's Oscar's job. So it was a rare moment that dad captured on his old phone.

I was home a few days here, and dad was visiting me in the area where I lived until Karl & I got along!

Yin Yang.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Mr. Mouse

We have MANY toys. Most remain untouched - we opt for things we shouldn't play with. But, one thing I love more than anything is my beloved mouse. He is tiny and M&D worry I'll eventually swallow him. But I won't, because I adore him!

I constantly lose him under things and harass Mom and Dad to get him. I scream, cry, and pace near whatever I've lost him under. I just can't seem to stop playing with him near furniture where he easily gets lost. Once, I threw him under the door and into the hallway!

Anyway. You must all be wondering what he looks like. Here he is!

Below him is a photo of me blackmailing my parents. "Get my mouse and I'll get off of here without breaking anything!".

And below me, to be fair - is my brother with his beloved toy, "pink ball".

Saturday, June 9, 2012

It's been a while...

Through NO fault of our own! First, we decided to take a small break from blogging and start again a few days later. We were enjoying the sun & birds. Can you blame us?

Then, mom and dad's suitcases made an appearance in our apt... Hmmm? We know that means vacation. But would they take us this time? Since they left us behind last time with our sitter we figured they couldn't POSSIBLY leave us again. Reality struck like lightening around 5:30pm on Wednesday, 5/30. Mom, with tears in her eyes (she never cries) took turns holding us tight and hugging and kissing us both and telling us she loved us and would miss us!!! Then dad did the same thing! "bye little buddies" he said as he strolled out the door.

Before they left mom promised we would be well taken care of. Karl was just hoping his "girlfriend" would come back to take care of us.

And she did!! First thing the next morning our beloved cat sitter came! Karl was shy at first. He hid on his post and made "eyes" at her... She came again later that night and fed us.

The next morning she came back and Karl made his move. Before I knew it, he was licking her and asking for pets! He just LOVES her. He would eagerly anticipate her twice daily visit.

Before we knew it, mom and dad were back and we were SOOOO happy to see them! We've been glued to their sides since. Well, Karl has been bad to show his displeasure for not being included on the trip. But that's just his way...

Here are some photos of us as taken by our lovely catsitter! Don't we look content and happy? (we are!)
Check out "Casanova Karl" as I now call him in the second photo!!