Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Karl & I are SO excited! It's SPRING! The weather here has been so nice, and we have both been doing everything we can to catch some sun rays. We are city cats, and aren't allowed outside. Attempts at harness training us has failed, so the next best thing is Mom & Dad lifting the heavy blinds higher for us so we can look out of the window more easily. Then, they put some sort of plastic thing for us to sit & lay on so we can see up even higher (we have the BEST M&D!).

We spend a lot of time here during the day. Sometimes, we see pigeons and we get SO excited when we do! Mom has tirelessly been trying to convince dad to put up a bird feeder on our balcony for us, so we can see pigeons all day. But he says he doesn't want poop all over the balcony. We don't really get that, because he doesn't seem to mind cleaning up our poop all day, and we poop indoors! Plus, we are moving soon to another even bigger city, so who cares about our old balcony? BRING ON THE BIRDS!

After a tiring day of fetching, eating, and going to the bathroom, it's nice to be able to bird watch while laying down.

See me looking to my right? When we look to the right, we can see the new Freedom Tower being built in NYC! We've been monitoring the progress, and can't believe how fast it is going up! Once it's up, Vogue's offices will be there. Then, we'll need to step up our fashion game in case Anna Wintour can see us.

PLEASE DAD? Please can we have a bird feeder? We're tired of looking at strollers and people sitting on their balconies.

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  1. You guys *deserve* a bird feeder! You NEED one for intellectual stimulation!!!!!