Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Mr. Fix It.

A few months back, dad decided to "fix" the closet door that had "mysteriously" broken. His fix, was to put the ottoman in front of it to hide the hole so neither Oscar or I could crawl into it and climb his shirts & destroy them (an old favorite pastime of mine...).

Of course, I was instantly intrigued by the hole and couldn't WAIT to get into a spot nobody wanted me to be in. So I became relentless. Digging at the ottoman, yelling at it, standing on it, anything really. Eventually I figured out I could move it if I hurled my 14lb body up against it enough. I got it moved just enough for me to squeak in there. Victory!!

Can you see me in there? I was trying to hide... But Oscar had to stand there like that and give it away. I HAD SHIRTS TO CLIMB!

1 comment:

  1. Karl, you should be more considerate of your dad's feelings ... the last thing he needs is to feel he was outwitted by a cat!! Life is a two-way street, young man!