Friday, March 2, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday Oscar!!

Today is my first birthday! To mark the celebration, here is a montage of some pictures of me growing up!!!!
Me hours after I was born! That isn't a shadow next to me, that's my biological brother.

Me again as a tiny baby showing off my spots/stripes

Isn't my face starting to get so handsome?

M&D Love this pic my breeder took of me. Don't my eyes look beautiful?

Mom tried taking an artistic shot of me. Here I am on my blanket, in her lap in the car on my way to my new home!

Karl & my first meal together where I didn't need to be in my carrier. We loved each other really early on. This happened within days of meeting!

My first climb!

Me today. Aren't I dapper?

Me eating my birthday meal, and making a wish for my first year! M&D bought me my favorite! Deli Turkey! Yum!


  1. Happy first birthday sweetie - they are just beautiful photos of you. Enjoy your treats.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  2. Oscar, I hope you are planning your mom's birthday celebration with the same care she took to plan yours ... I'm available for consulting on this matter as well ...

    Uncle John

  3. Thanks Uncle John!
    Mom only wants an orange Birkin bag for her birthday. She wants that even more than a cake from Cake Man Raven! SO, we are trying to help dad find one... They are something called "exclusive", not sure what that means because we thought they were Hermes... But in any case, any help you can give to find mom an orange Birkin with silver hardware would be appreciated.

  4. Oh. and also... she said if you wanted to drop off some macarons for her at the front desk as a surprise, like you did that ONE time in your over 7 yr friendship - she would be so happy with that too.

    Oh. and also, if Maddie could come over and meet us, that would make mom's birthday happy too.

    That's it ... for now...