Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Who needs a bed or couch when we can create our own comfortable areas to lounge in?

We could have laid together on the couch like I was happily doing in the first photo while watching Fashion Police on E!, but instead, Oscar convinced me that it was a better idea for us to throw a pillow and blanket on the ground to lay on.

I just wish M&D would adjust the television to accomodate this new move. It's hard for me to see best/worst outfits from this angle...

One day, I'll do a post on all my favorite places to lay that I've developed myself. M&D buy us all sorts of beds, and nice things to lay on. But I refuse them all. If I can't create my own spot, I won't be bothered with it.

Look at my face. I'm obviously appalled by some of the outfits I'm seeing on Fashion Police. Some of these actresses really need a better stylist!

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