Thursday, March 29, 2012


We really hate when the cleaning people come to clean our apartment. They are loud, and they run all throughout our apartment vacuuming, spraying things, and touching our stuff.

So... we decided to try to help M&D out with the cleaning in hopes they won't call them back again.

First, we went crazy making a mess in the apt (why not? we're the ones cleaning it up anyways...)

Not only did we fling our scratching post halfway across the room, we made sure to knock out the cardboard piece so it would get particles everywhere. Afterall... we are proving to M&D we can clean up any mess w/o the help of cleaning people.

Just leave your plate there mom. I'll get it when I'm done with my breakfast.

As soon as I help Karl get unstuck from this fun box he's lodged in, we'll take this out to the garbage room.

Mom? Did you seriously just put a piece of paper on the counter I JUST finished cleaning?

Kitchen Counter looks good to me, M&D... What do you think of my clean up job?

All is good with the sink! It's spotless!

Phew!!!! We are so tired, we couldn't even get around to making the bed! Maybe the noisy cleaning people aren't so bad afterall.


  1. This is sensational. This is a start-up if I've ever seen one.

    Are you guys available to come twice a week to our place? Please keep in mind:

    a) We insist you use fragrance-free, organic products ONLY.
    b) There will be poop.

  2. Good work boys, not a hair out of place. FAZ

  3. Hi Uncle John. Yes! We would love to start a business and clean your house! We've asked mom to figure out a way to tie swiffers to our paws so it makes things easier. But we charge a lot. $100 an hour, to be exact. It sounds like a lot. But we're fun to watch. Plus, we won't charge you during the multiple naps we'll need to take on the job.

    Thanks Christine & Faz! We had a hard time cleaning up all of our fur since we shed so much lately... but we got the job done!