Monday, September 17, 2012

Vacation. Oscar's Perspective.

Vacation was ... interesting to say the least. Karl & I felt totally differently about it, so we decided to each write our own blogs. Not sure when Karl will get around to his, because he's catching up on TV he missed while being away, but here is mine!

At first, when I found out we were going on vacation I was really excited. I immediately got in the carrier, and waited to be whisked away. See? Don't we look ready?
Sorry this photo is dark. Dad isn't as good at taking pics as mom.

Dad strapped us into the back seat, and off we went! I quickly learned that while traveling, I prefer quiet. Everytime dad got on the phone or talked to us, I meowed at him. Karl on the other hand was so quiet in the car, dad pulled off at a rest stop to make sure he was OK.

Safety First! Cat's need seat belts too!
After an hour long drive, we got to our great grandma's house. Mom was already there and we were excited to see her! We were whisked upstairs to our room, which mom had already set up for us. But, we were nervous. We've never been away from home before. Karl stayed in his carrier, and I hesitantly came out.
"Where am I?"
At this point, I'm really nervous. Which is really unlike me because I'm usually so social! I got so nervous, that I stuffed myself into Karl's carrier with him. 
Karl. I KNOW there isn't really room for us in here. But I am SCARED. So deal with it.

After a while though, I came around... I wasn't my ususal happy self, but I was content. Later on, Karl did something crazy (I'll let him tell you about it). It resulted in M&D having to stuff a drawer full of blankets, which of course made the PERFECT place to nap!
Could I be ANY cuter? I was laying long ways in there! As dad pulled me out, he said it felt like I was never ending! Nobody can figure out how I got into that position in the first place.
All in all, I was OK with being on vacation. I didn't enjoy it nearly as much as Karl. Oh. and to top it all off, M&D only bought themselves tickets for Madonna! Can you believe they excluded us? We were excited to go! We thought that was the whole reason for us going on vacation. Oh well. At least they took us and didn't leave us home! But, we think Madonna would have really loved us.
Here I am, finally coming around. I really liked this table. And of course, we both loved the rug. Check out Karl photobombing the regal photo I was trying to take.


  1. Wow sounds like you had lots of fun on vacation!! So sorry you didn't get to see Madonna!! And yes we could see Karl photbombing you! Hehehehehe!
    Your TX furiends,

  2. Hi Samantha, Clementine, & Maverick. It's nice to meet you! Karl is always intruding on my pictures!

  3. We wish we could go with our mom when she travels, but we're not so sure how we'd handle being in a strange place.

  4. It sounds like you had a great vacation, Oscar. Probably by the time you started feeling comfortable in your new surroundings, it was time to come home. Too bad you didn't get to see Madonna.

  5. You two were good travelers. I yowl like a wild animal when I'm in the car. I've never visited anyone but the vet--can't imagine why!

    Maybe you can see Madonna on TV. We think a concert would be too much for kitties...all those people in a strange place with the loud music--shudder!

  6. We are glad you two did okay with traveling. We don't really like the car, or change, so we stay home if mom and dad have to go somewhere.

    Your pals,

    Sammy and Moosey
    Animal Shelter Volunteer Life

  7. I would like to go wif my furmom to places, but last time she took me sumwheres, I gots car-sicky and panted like a doggy. That was sooo not funs. -Phoenix

  8. I think Madonna woulda LOVED you guys!! And your M&D didn't get you tickets. Poo. But I bet your GGMA really liked having you around--lots of more hugs and treats!