Saturday, September 22, 2012

Box Head.

I. Love. Boxes.

I don't care what types of toys M&D buy me. I love nothing more than a used box.

I particularly love putting my head inside of boxes, and running around my apt with my head still lodged inside while bumping into things! The smaller the hole, the better. Soda can boxes are fun, but I also love small tissue boxes.

I run around with my head in the box, I sit with my head in the box, I walk around with my head in the box. I can't explain it... I just feel so good when I wiggle my head into a small open space in a box, and am totally surrounded by darkness and the scent of cardboard. Anyone else????

Here I am wearing a box from Arizona Iced Tea. This is actually going to be very big for fall*.

Just calmly laying down with my headdress...

Sitting, moving my head/box around and loving life.

** This is Karl's mom. Please don't listen to Karl. Boxes aren't in for fall. He's just trying to convince himself of that. Peplums, the color burgundy, and brocade patterns however, are very big. Give those a try before lodging your head into a box.



  1. Haha! Karl, that box looks good on you!!

    1. Right??!! Thank you! I think it really flatters my figure.

  2. Sounds like you need to join Maru in box rehab :)

  3. Yous always look handsum..... but be careful and don't try too small of a hole. You mighten haf to get your mom to get you out and that would jus be 'barrassin.