Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Spa Day.

Oh. Not for us, for our dad. We don't deserve one by any means. We've been embarrassingly delinquent on our blog. Frankly, we're ashamed of ourselves. In our defense, New York Fashion week has rolled around again, and we have been distracted. The weeks before that was a combination of writer's block and pure laziness. It's tough to concentrate on writing when there is a window with the warm sun beating in on us...
Back to the spa. As we may have mentioned, we adore sitting in the bathroom with M&D while they shower. Oscar hangs on the counter, and I perch myself high up on the shower doors. It's almost like I'm tightrope walking. But, there is something special I do for dad, that I never do for mom. I clean his hair after he's showered! Yes, you heard me correctly. Dad simply doesn't clean his hair as good as I can. So, when the water is off, and dad is drying off I keep my back legs on the shower door and put my front legs on his head and start licking away at his hair. Sometimes, when he isn't in a rush he let's me keep doing it, because I get upset when he doesn't. I'll stalk out of the bathroom grumbling. I mean, I don't want my dad to have dirty hair. It's really embarrassing, considering how luscious and clean my coat is.

Mom captured a few photos. But don't worry... It's just me and the very top of my dad's head. He would have killed mom & I if we took, then posted photos of his nude body. We are totally PG in this household.

Assuming Position...

I just started and already his hair is much cleaner!

Your hair is getting long dad. Maybe you need a haircut?


  1. I wood NEBER EBER try this wif the Big Scary Guy. Furmom, mebbe... but NEBER BSG. He wood have a twelf pound babie iffen I touched him. Yore dad sounds like a fun, good dad to haf.

  2. We guessin ya likes yer dad's shampoo better?

  3. Our dad is like a big toy to us, we climb him and everything! We have him wrapped very tight around our paws. Karl def. likes dad's shampoo better. Mom uses too much stuff in her hair... it's too hard to clean!