Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Vacation. Karl's Perspective...

I tried to write this last night after Oscar wrote his. But, I got so tired from partying on vacation, I couldn't keep my head up another second.
Our experiences were totally different, and very unexpected. M&D expected ME to be the nervous one, who didn't quickly adapt. But they were wrong! I was so EXCITED to be on vacation and to explore a new house! I met my great grandma for the first time, and there were all sorts of things for me to touch, and knock over, and new places for me to lodge myself into. My GGMA thinks we should be in commercials!

This is actually the second time in my life (first was when I lived with my breeder) that I ever saw the suburbs! We are city cats. It was really weird to see grass, and houses so close together. But I was really intrigued.
So, Oscar mentioned in his post a little bit of trouble I got myself into... I scared M&D to almost near death. First. I have to say they cat proofed the heck out of the bathroom we were in. They left no stone unturned. So imagine their surprise when they came to check in on us, and I was nowhere to be found. Mom was scared I snuck out, and dad was just about to start blaming her when.... they heard a muffled meow! It was obviously me, but where was I? Mom thought I was stuck behind a wall. But, dad found me! I somehow opened an empty drawer, jumped into it, and it closed behind me!!!!!!! Everyone was SO scared and upset. Mom filled the drawer up with towels to prevent me from getting stuck, but then Oscar made a bed out of it. So they just took the drawer off of it's track, and of course I slept in the hole.

Oscar & I exploring... Oscar is soooo tall!

Mom loves this pic. She thinks it looks haunted. So don't be surprised if you see it again around Halloween!

So all in all, I really enjoyed vacation! I hope for our next vacation M&D will take us somewhere tropical. I have visions of myself laying on the deck of a private over the water bungalow in Tahiti...
I'm ready for another vacation! I've been sitting in my carrier in hopes we'll be traveling again. Bora Bora here we come!


  1. I had to laugh over your drawer caper. I've had to look for Jenna a few times and am surprised at the hiding places she finds.

    How wonderful you enjoyed your vacation! Maybe Oscar will relax after a few trips to the grandpawrent's home :)

  2. I wants to go sumwheres tropikal wif yous. I tells my furmom I wanna go to a eye-land fur the wintur! -Phoenix

  3. I know, Terri it *WAS* funny!!! I just don't get why my mom & dad didn't see it that way!

    Phoenix, you can come. You just need to be up for mischief.

  4. Oh Karl! It sounds like you really enjoyed yourself on your vacation....and we bet you hid in that drawer just to make M & D a little crazy! Haha!!

  5. WOW--Karl--looks like you got all over your GGMA's house! I bet she smiled the whole time--but how scarey to be stuck in that drawer. Glad you were safe and sound!!Yep, Tahiti awaits!


    1. I love your name. Our favorite color in our favorite language ;)