Thursday, January 12, 2012


Like a pair of Ugg boots, I think I've been overexposed.

When I was first adopted, mom just got her first Iphone, and I was M&D's first pet. Therefore, at LEAST 500 photos were taken of me. Mom has 998 pics in her phone, and 990 of them are of Oscar and/or I.

Not that *I* tire much of looking at myself... I mean have you seen my spots? I am concerned that the people mom constantly shows my photos to are sick of me. I'm hoping that they don't read this blog, because I plan on inundating it with as many photos of me and my brother as possible.

Here are a few of my favorite photos along the way...

Practicing for my pose for when M&D get me a membership for the Soho house. This is how I'll lay by the pool....
This is me being sexy. I dare you to try to look that good on a leather couch.

"Innocent Karl" It wasn't me that chewed several iPhone chargers....

Showing how nosey I can be in case I'm ever asked to take part in a spy movie, or spy themed photoshoot

Another example.... Annie Leibovitz... are you taking note? I'd be perfect for a dark & dramatic fashion campaign. Tom Ford perhaps?

Multi tasking. Showing off my spots, while hanging out in a basket, and looking annoyed. All. At. The. Same. Time.
There will be so many more to come, soon enough. For now, I have to go get my beauty rest.

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