Sunday, January 22, 2012


Well, it seems I may have let myself go a bit...

After having a rough start in my life with not being able to eat, perhaps I've indulged a bit too much?
My mom says that maybe she should have named me "Kim". Check out my big butt!

Also, notice I'm in Karl's favorite forbidden place! We'll do a whole post on that another time, mom took tons of pictures of us both hanging out where M&D don't want us to be.

Back to my butt. I personally think it's probably the angle in which the picture was taken. But... the truth is, I am getting a bit pudgy. M&D can't bear to put me on a diet, because they are happy that I am eating and healthy. What does everyone else think?


  1. Tonight, you can eat 1.5 pounds of vegetables ... And one small baby mouse. No more.

  2. Perhaps one pistachio macaron as well ...

  3. and only between 12-6! not a minute earlier, or a minute later says mom. She keeps massaging my ears, every other hour, on the odd hours only. She has such weird weight loss rituals. She mumbled something like, "If only he'd put his accupuncture beads on..." Do you know what that might mean, Uncle John?