Tuesday, January 24, 2012

No Match.

We usually don't post twice in one day, but I wanted to rain on Karl's parade. He likes to tackle me when I'm not looking, and he's stronger. So this is my way of getting back at him.

His cuddles are lame compared to mine. I love to cuddle, especially with my dad. I sleep with him at night, and I even lay like a person! Here are some photos of us, but with dad's face removed because he might get upset with me for sharing them. He's really handsome though!

Mid afternoon nap! He isn't laying on me. I'm under the blanket. I love putting my head on the pillow next to dad's head!

I stayed like this for so long! I think my dad loved it more than I did. Mom was so jealous. I go over and head butt her so she knows I love her.

This was me, just last night! Don't I look cozy? I slept for a while like this. My eyes are open in this picture, but that's because mom disturbed me when she went to take my picture.
 Aren't I adorable? NO wonder Karl has been more lovey to mom lately. He probably feels sorry for her, and he is trying to out do me. Won't. Ever. Happen.

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