Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Baddest Boys...

Mom has been working long, crazy hours the past few days. And our way of helping her relax when she gets home (way past midnight!) is by whizzing around the apartment screaming while she tries to rest and dad tries to sleep. We are pulling out all the stops, and even digging out our noisest toys.
It is 4:30am, and she is SO angry with us right now! We keep trying to break into the bedroom where dad is because we want both of them awake to play with us!

Check out Karl breaking and entering:

Does this not look like the perfect toy to play with in the middle of the night? It's especially perfect when you live in an apartment building and the neighbors that live below you are trying to sleep! Another thing that is great about this toy (aside from how loud it is), it's not heavy so we can easily drag it out from under the couch where mom tries to hide it.

And since blogging relaxes us so much, we've calmed down now that we've startled mom multiple times in the past hour. She can no longer relax because she is so wound up from us. I think Karl jumping on top of the lamp pushed her over the edge. But, lucky for her we found a nice cozy spot to curl up in if she changes her mind:

We can fit you mom. Just pick a corner!


  1. We can't believe your mom doesn't appreciate all the ways you try to help her!

    1. Right??!!!! She said she just wants some "peace & quiet", but why would she want that? It seems so .... boring.