Monday, July 23, 2012

Not This AGAIN...

Well, I had to go for a blood test at the vet today. As usual, I was a good boy and everyone fawned over me and told me how handsome and good I am! I came home to tell Oscar all about it, and he's forgotten who I am again because I don't smell the same!

Oscar isn't blind, so I don't know why he keeps acting like this. He relies way too much on his nose, which is always crusty with boogies anyway, and M&D always have to clean it out. I don't even know how he smells half the time!!!

M&D decided since he isn't trying to fight with me (like last time) and is just hissing at me, and scared, they aren't seperating us. As it stands, we are in the same room and Oscar is ignoring me. If I get too close, he hisses. He is so dramatic <eyeroll>.

I'm totally over this. But karma is going to get him, because M&D said from now on Oscar is coming along with me to the vet even if he doesn't have an appointment. hahahahahahahaha!!!!!

Here is a video of his antics from last time. Luckily, he isn't behaving this way tonight.


  1. We're back to being brothers! Oscar remembered me finally!

    1. I spoke too soon. He came up to me,
      Cleaned me, and we all thought everything was OK. But he's hissing again. Sigh.

      I wish he would just go to bed and get over himself already.

      M&D cannot sleep with all this tension during "family time".