Saturday, July 7, 2012

Baked Cat.

It's over 100 degrees outside where we live right now! And since we aren't allowed outside, we love to lay on the windowsill, behind the blinds with our sunrays. It's actually become our most favorite thing to do. We people watch, dog watch, sleep, and generally stay warm. Mom makes the stupid joke that we are "baking" or "cooking" over here because it's so warm by the window. Then Dad has to chime in and talk about which one of us he is going to eat first after we've cooked from laying in the hot window all day!!! They are so crazy!
We yell at M&D if they bother us while we're enjoying our rays. Because it's our special spot, and we don't want them making us leave it ever. Plus. We just know if they laid behind the blinds they would love it too, and there isn't enough room for the 4 of us on the windowsill. Mom has been (as usual) snapping tons of photos of us. Here are a few of our favorites that we wanted to share. We do look a little grumpy in all of these pictures, which is unlike us. It's just because we get annoyed at mom constantly interrupting our relaxation to take pictures of us when we are with our precious sunrays.

This is so annoying, Mom.

I don't care if you are leaving the house, M&D. I am STAYING put. I promise not to go into your closet.

Fine. ONE pose. Then go away.

Can they even see me back here? Or does my fur blend in with the blinds?

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  1. Humans just don't understand how good that sun feels on us. They should try it sometime.