Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sneak Attack for Cuddles.

Sometimes, it's really hard being the "cuddly cat". Karl usually doesn't like cuddling unless I force him, or he is alone with mom and is sure nobody will catch him loving on her. So, I usually have to take matters into my own paws. I've been trying out something new lately. Once Karl is sleeping, I've been inserting myself into his personal space and curling up with him! And cuddling!!

Mom & Dad love it. They think it's so cute! Karl... not so much. Usually, he'll pop his head up to see what's going on. He doesn't really leave though - because he's half asleep, and truthfully - defeated. When I want to cuddle, I can be pretty relentless.

Here are a few of my best sneak attack cuddle moments!

Back to Back!

Mom & Dad were worried I wouldn't be able to breathe since my face was buried in Karl's belly. But, I was fine.

Karl really gave in here. It looks like I'm lovingly draping my paw on his neck. But the truth is, I was forcefully holding him down to cuddle longer.

I love this picture. I'm cuddling and trying to bathe Karl and he looks infuriated and totally fed up with me. But really, if I don't clean the areas where he can't reach - who else will lick them????? YOU'RE WELCOME KARL!


  1. You two are good cuddlers! We think Karl really likes it.

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    2. Thank You! We think he may like it too...