Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Mr. Mouse

We have MANY toys. Most remain untouched - we opt for things we shouldn't play with. But, one thing I love more than anything is my beloved mouse. He is tiny and M&D worry I'll eventually swallow him. But I won't, because I adore him!

I constantly lose him under things and harass Mom and Dad to get him. I scream, cry, and pace near whatever I've lost him under. I just can't seem to stop playing with him near furniture where he easily gets lost. Once, I threw him under the door and into the hallway!

Anyway. You must all be wondering what he looks like. Here he is!

Below him is a photo of me blackmailing my parents. "Get my mouse and I'll get off of here without breaking anything!".

And below me, to be fair - is my brother with his beloved toy, "pink ball".


  1. Y'know, we had lots of mousies like yours. Ours always are disappearing. We wonder where they go.

    1. You should look under the stove! That's where I like to throw mine. Mo. & Dad usually get it after a while with a long BBQ skewer and a flashlight!