Friday, May 11, 2012

Writer's Block

Oscar and I are both experiencing a bad case of writer's block! We just don't know what we want to say!
Even though dad bought us a new ipad for blogging, we still just don't know what we want to talk about. We did download a cool app where we can make pics for mom & dad! We made a wonderful collage for them of us in the one place we really aren't allowed to go. We wanted to remind them that this is OUR house, not theirs. And we choose where we hang.

Here I am... struggling with words.

I know. The picture quality isn't great. But, I felt these two photos were necessary to show we are TRYING to blog. We're just not feeling very inspired at the moment.


  1. When you are as gorgeous as you guys, you don't *have* to write or blog ... you just have to keep looking good. You know?

  2. Oh THANK YOU Uncle John! We thought you had forgotten about us all together :(
    We are so happy you are reading our blog, and are wondering when the future Editor in Chief of Vogue is coming over to meet us? We want to show her the building where she will be working... you can see it from our window being built!

  3. We do read every post -- you are in our RSS feed in fact! So it is IMPOSSIBLE for us to miss a post. We are in fact obsessed with both of you, and your antics.

    Your blog is very temperamental about allowing us to comment though -- and it is very hurtful ...

    The editor in chief woke up with a nasty cough this morning, and is not going anywhere most likely ... though she is currently playing with her favorite toy (squeaky eggs in a little plastic egg carton) ...