Wednesday, May 2, 2012

One Too Many...

While still trying to calm down from the stress of having my nail clipped too short, I decided to steal a drink from Mom & Dad's bottle of wine. It helps them relax, so why not me? It didn't go too well. I took 3 licks, and got drunk! So then, I decided to knock over their entire bottle of wine into the sink (don't ever say I'm not considerate - no mess!) so they couldn't have any either. Now that I know what it feels like to be drunk, I don't want them drinking and god forbid coming after me with those clippers.
Me debating on if I should take a lick or not...


** This is Karl's mom. Contrary to what he says, he didn't actually consume any alcohol. He just posed this way by the bottle to try to get a good picture for their blog. Sadly, he was telling the truth when he said he knocked the wine into the sink. 

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