Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Trauma. A Timeline...

First. I want to start this overview of my Sunday evening by stating that I know my dad loves me SO much. But, I should also add that he is clumsy, and in my personal opinion; reckless with a nail clipper.

M&D have been jointly cutting my nails since I arrived home well over a year ago. Mom swaddles me in a blanket & holds me like a baby in her arms, and dad takes out my paw and gently cuts my nails. I make some noises... but, I'm a good boy and don't move and let them trim me. Plus, I know I'm going to get showered in treats and praise afterwards. Soooo why not?

But, Sunday. Things went awry. Dad, for some unknown reason decided to use different clippers than he usually does. He cut my nail, and mistakenly cut it a bit too short and it HURT! and I bled!!!!!! I SCREAMED, and hurled myself out of my swaddle and limped away. Mom started crying because she saw I was hurt and upset. and Dad felt SO bad!!!

The damage wasn't bad, but I was angry. I knew I had to play my cards right. I could use this to my advantage... I instantly began showing my dismay, and within minutes of this ordeal, they both rushed over with one of my favorites. CANNED LAMB! Yum!!!!!! Then, treats! All different flavors, too! I was fine after a few minutes, though M&D were shaken up for awhile and still worried about me the next day!

Here is a brief timeline in photos of what I put them through...

This is what my face probably looked at the moment dad clipped me poorly.

This is the look I was giving them as I sat there, slightly bleeding...

When I'm angry at mom or dad, I turn my back to them and ignore them. This is a sure fire way to judge how angry I am. This is when I'm my maddest.

Wait a second........... Did I just hear a can open? Is that?? Could it really be??? LAMB!!!!!!

This reminded me that I DO have the best M& D in the world. No further reason to punish them more, my paw doesn't even bother me anymore. So I curled up on the bed to rest up for a full day of being bad tomorrow!

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