Thursday, April 12, 2012


I don't have much regard at ALL for Karl's personal space (or anyone elses). Karl has many spots he likes to lay in during certain times of the day. The cubby hole of our cat tree is where he naps between when dad leaves for work, and mom gets up. Usually, I lay in my bed. But today, I decided I wanted to lay in the cubby hole too. Karl was less than thrilled.  But, he was barricaded in by me, so he couldn't leave. I wanted to cuddle with him anyway, so I'm glad he stayed!!

Karl looks so angry that I'm in here with him. I'm a little annoyed that mom woke us up to take photos...

No Mom. You won't get a better pic of us if you try to take it from an angle above us.

Look! Karl's hind legs look like they belong to me!

Can you believe how big I am? I cover most of Karl!

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