Friday, August 10, 2012

Just Like Mom...

M&D always say Oscar's personality is like Dad (calm, patient, sweet) and my personality is like Mom (tempermental, stubborn, and affectionate only when nobody is looking).

Mom loves shoes and fashion (not more than us) and I share the same sentiment.

Recently, I've been insisting on sitting within a pile of mom's shoe boxes. I just like to be around them. She doesn't like when I do it, because I almost always knock all the boxes over like bowling pins. But, too bad. We're stubborn, so she should understand when I do it even though I know she doesn't like it. I don't chew on the boxes, so she should be happy about that.

She snapped this photo of me. Don't I look chic & glamorous amongst the boxes? I'm just wondering when dad will buy her a new box to add to *our* collection... It's been a while...


  1. We think your mom should take this as approval of her taste in shoes :)

  2. Karl, your mom should only worry if you start eating her I do with my mom's shoes.