Thursday, December 29, 2011


I may look cute & innocent, but I like to steal food from people's plates.
Today, I stole my dad's ham right off of his plate and tried to run off with it. And once, I ran up to mom's plate out of nowhere and took a big bite out of her rotisserie chicken and ran off with it!

Obviously, I'm too cute to discipline... so I'll continue to steal food from people as long as they have it out around me.

Do I look like a thief to you?

Ok. Maybe I do a little bit.... How about now??
Yea... didn't think so!

- Oscar


  1. I think you steal more than food .... I think you have, one by one, been stealing a Louboutin here and there ... assembling a collection that you plan to sell on Etsy. One day your mom will notice ... and THEN the gig will be up ... just a fair warning!!!!!

  2. You weren't supposed to TELL her! She reads this blog! She will be so upset, and will probably make dad buy her all new ones...